The Service Supply Chain Game challenges players to control and optimize the supply chain. It makes players aware of the need for collaboration and communication between the individual links in the supply chain.

Serious Game

The Service Supply Chain Game is a board game shaped serious game. A game master challenges the players to control the supply chain and, if possible, to improve its performance. Additional challenges are introduced during the game, reflections on choices made are shared and discussed, and new strategies are determined.

Service logistics supply chain

The Service Supply Chain Game simulates a logistics supply chain. Players control the supply chain and have to provide assets the necessary spare parts in time. Each player has a specific rol and is responsible for a link in the supply chain. During the game the players are challenged to optimally set up their link.

Information & financial streams

Next to the logistics streams, the players become aware of the information and financial streams, right in front of their eyes. In this way, they experience the influence of known information that is not in time (or in a manipulated way) shared with the other links in the supply chain, both up- and downstream. These experiences helps players to improve their own supply chain performance.De Service Supply Chain Game simuleert een logistieke keten. Spelers beheren de logistieke keten en moeten assets op tijd voorzien van spare parts. Iedere speler heeft een specifieke rol en is verantwoordelijk voor een schakel in de keten. Gedurende het spel worden ze uitgedaagd die schakel optimaal in te richten.

Communication & collaboration

To control and optimize the service supply chain requires decent communication and collaboration between the various players. The game gives the players this awareness step by step, and challenges them to further improve the supply chain performance. In this way, players experience the importance of service supply chain collaboration and get acquainted with innovative techniques that help optimize the supply chain.