Interested in playing the Service Supply Chain Game? Read here which method suits your needs best and please contact us to try our game during a game session.

The Service Supply Chain Game is guided by an experienced game master. In single game sessions you can make use of these game masters. They are service logistics experts as well as experienced in guiding game sessions. Do you prefer to guide the game yourself? Then a train-the-trainer course might be what you are interested in.

Single game session

This method is suitable for those who intend to play the game once, for example to solve an actual supply chain challenge, or as a teambuilding activity. The set up of the game session is tailored to your situation. In general we have the following principles:

  • A game session lasts about 3-4 hours.
  • A game session is suitable for 4-6 players.
  • Each team is guided by a game master (appointed by us)

During an intake, we ascertain your goals of the game and which method suits best.

Train-the-trainer concept

In this course, we train you to become the game master yourself. This course is intended for companies or knowledge institutions that want to use the Service Supply Chain Game on a regular basis. The game is (if needed) tailored to your situation and we take care of training the game masters.

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